Friday, 13 February 2009

SNP backtrack

This week saw the first major uturn of the SNP government - they wont scrap the council tax or even present an Act on it in this Parliament.

It's strange stuff given the tactical advantage they would have gained if they had been defeated by Labour and the Tories. Maybe its a post - budget deal so they could win the vote last week. Maybe the rich backers like

man above pulled some strings.

Possibly it was to do with the flat tax element where everyone would pay the same rate if not the same charge which would have substantially cut council budgets.

Anyway it's a gift for the Unionist parties and I think is going to make the referendum bill even more tricky. Given one of the reasons that they stated they were withdrawing the proposal was that there is no majority in the Parliament for it.

I wrote a piece on the contradictions and problems of the SNP government at the end of last year it's here.

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