Monday, 9 March 2009

Have a Coke and a smile...

Viz the terrible adverts with insipid pop starlet Duffy with her extolling the virtues of sugary water based drinks. Mind you the corporate evil that Coca Cola represent are admittedly less annoying than those bloody Lenny Henry ones for Travel Inn "I've found something small time - the price!".
Anyway discovered in FT that Coke want to buy the biggest indigenous Chinese soft drink company the China Huiyan Juice group. It would be the biggest corporate take over in Chinese history - big business tends to just use Chinese capitalism as a staging post at the moment. Could be a significant test of the threat of protectionism which Brown has being waxing lyrical about in states.
It already is the 3rd biggest market for Coke in the world but that seems mainly down to population as their pc consumption is only about a third of global average. So the West want to introduce China to the wonders of tooth decay and obesity and of course Duffy!
Bizarre quote though re the biggest "research and development Coke centre in Asia" based in Shanghai- what the hell can you research about Coke! Its fizzy and sweet?

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